Transform Dance


Transform Dance is a project about finding ways into healing and transformation (both at the individual and at the collective level) within the dance sector in Toronto. In particular, we are interested in addressing harassment (sexual, gender-based and otherwise) and transforming the culture of the dance sector.

Contact Us

If you have experienced, or think you might have experienced, harassment in the Toronto dance sector and are interested to pursue a restorative or transformative response, you can confidentially contact Transform Dance here.

Learn More

If you'd like to learn more about this project, you can read a full project description here. Alternatively, you can contact the project coordinator here and schedule a phone call or in-person conversation.

Are you interested in learning more about restorative and transformative approaches and tools for workplace and gender-based harassment? Check out our page on Transformative Justice.

Advisory Group

Transform Dance is supported by an Advisory Group who bring a range of expertise, background and skills to the project. The Advisory Group does not have access to the identities of participants or the details of cases; rather, they support with consultation, creative brainstorming, connection to local resources and governance oversight.


Maybe you're interested in getting support or supporting a friend? Here we have collated a list of resources related to gender-based harassment and violence, including mental health and healing services. (You may also refer to the Harassment Resources and Mental Health pages on