192 Spadina Ave. Suite 201
Toronto, ON M5T 2C2

(North of Queen St. on the west side of the street)

p. 416-703-2773 

e.  info (at)

t.   @generatorTO


i.  @generatorto



Generator operates from a 1200 sq ft open-concept office at Queen St. & Spadina Avenue in The Centre for Social Innovation's historic Murray Building.

Our office is open Monday thru Thursday 9:30am-5:30pm and on Fridays by appointment only.


Generator is located at 192 Spadina Ave (west side of the street, just north of Queen Street) in Suite 201. The closest streetcar stops are Sullivan Street (accessible streetcar 501 running north-south along Spadina) or Spadina at Queen (non-accessible streetcar 510 running east-west on Queen). There is municipal street parking out front and designated accessible parking spaces in the Green P lot 100m south of our building. During regular office hours, the main entrance is unlocked and the right door opens first. After 6pm and on weekends, the entrance is locked and you can use the buzzer to the left of the door to buzz 201 for us to unlock the door. 

The main entrance to our building is a set of double doors one step up from street level - once inside you can either go down 8 steps to the small elevator, or up 2 tall flights of stairs with a landing in the middle to our office. Our door has a clear sign that says Generator (at the top of the stairs on the left). If you require a ramp*, you can enter from the street through the CSI Main entrance to the left of our doors. The ramp is inside the door to the right and a steep incline down. At the bottom, turn right to go through the doorway (small lip at the door) to reach the small elevator.

*This route will require access keys from one of our Generator staff or artists so please contact us to arrange prior to arrival. CSI is currently undertaking construction to make an accessible entrance with a wheelchair lift to the ground floor (entrance will be to the left of the main entrance through the alley next to the building).  

Our office is open concept with a large table in the middle, desks against the walls on three sides and a collection of rolling office chairs, stationary chairs, folding chairs and one low couch in the meeting room. We have a kitchenette with water and tea available, a meeting room, storage room and a single, gender neutral washroom which is compact with a 3 inch step to up to enter. An accessible washroom is available on the ground floor in CSI’s main space.  We are blessed with large windows for natural light throughout the day, and fluorescent lights and LED Christmas lights for the evenings. To be considerate to sensitivities of some of our staff, we try to keep the space scent-neutral, though food being reheated in the kitchen can sometimes produce temporary smells.

For more in-depth accessibility information, read more here.