Generator is a mentoring, teaching, and innovation incubator that empowers independent artists, producers and leaders.



We are creative people with active creative practices. Creativity and collaboration are ingrained in all of our systems and programs. We promote artistic entrepreneurship at all fronts and foster that growth with the artists we work with.


We are investing in creating a common cause: a web of individuals in our programs that collectively ensures all those within it are living the lives in the arts they want to have, and are working together to create a sector we are proud of. More than just networking, we are offering a sense of community that lends thoughtfulness and resources.


We are a learning-based organization. We believe in sideways learning, finding sources of knowledge all around us and in each other. We approach knowledge with curiosity and we listen in order to understand. We strive to share and propagate good information that is current, responsive, and clear. In all our learning, we work toward skill development and practical application, underpinned by theory.


We are highly motivated, tenacious people, that expect a lot of ourselves and the artists we work with. We feel a great sense of duty to the artists in our programs and know that they have high expectations of us. We believe in setting our sights on a goal, making a commitment to it and working to ensure the quality of the work brings us pride and joy. We do what is needed to achieve these goals and use the resources (human, time, cash, and otherwise) afforded to us effectively and with care. We use recognition and critical feedback to support each other in finding our learning edge and identifying creative solutions.


Solution-Focused and Iterative

We move from problem to solution through iterative and responsive systems that constantly change based on new information from the individuals within them and the sector around us. Our systems are predicated on people taking risks, sharing failures and successes and using them as a jumping-off point for the next risk. Knowledge and insight we gain are shared widely. Solutions aim to be highly responsive to immediate needs while also laying the foundation for future goals and problem solving.


Generator creates singular programs that are responsive to the needs of the artist through Individualized, rather than standardized; this includes one-on-one, or small team-focused interactions. This human connection is central to how we interact with our participants. We recognize that it takes time and patience to meet humans where they are, and all our programs have this built into their resource structure.


We take the time to recognize the accomplishments, big and small, of the individuals in our programs and work spaces. Much of the work that goes into producing is silent and invisible outside our community and we believe it is worth honouring. We appreciate and value our colleagues and we make an effort to vocalize that.


Workplace Culture Statement

Generator is a highly collaborative, team-based workplace. The Generator staff share space with several other collectives and organizations through our Resident Company and Company Collaborator programs. We work in an open space environment where we often pause our work to come together to ask for support, collaborate, discuss current events, or watch a YouTube video. This fun and thoughtful environment drives our efforts to make a positive impact on the performance sector and the lives of artists. Generator staff work on a flexible schedule to accommodate the needs of our programs and our external passions. We support each other in achieving work/work/life balance and workdays that support our lives outside of work. We encourage staff to have active, creative, passionate lives in addition to their work here as we know this fuels Generator. As an organization committed to learning and well-being, we offer a Wellness Fund, paid vacation, and Professional Development Fund to all staff.

Who we serve (What we mean when we say independent performance community)

At Generator we understand that the term independent theatre or independant performance community is confusing. What is independent, anyway? For us, the  independent performance sector looks something like this:

  • Independent artists working in performance

  • 1-2 projects a year (this could be performances or workshops)

  • If working as a collective or organization:

    • If government-funded, likely on project-based funding or one level of government on operating/composite funding

    • Small budget for annual operating costs like rent, storage, etc.

    • 0-3 staff or year-round contractors

Independent performance collectives or companies that tend to work in our office would generally describe themselves as scrappy, resilient, lean, and hustle oriented. Their work tends to have an equity-seeking focus and to be political, timely and imaginative.