STAF provides consulting and project management of unique engagements involving online technology and live performance.


Picasso PRO - Resource Hub

 Picasso PRO’s Talking Movement Dance Performance, November 2012, Al Green Theatre, Toronto

Picasso PRO’s Talking Movement Dance Performance, November 2012, Al Green Theatre, Toronto

Generator worked with Picasso Pro project leaders to develop strategies for social design and implementation of The Hub.  Over the last twenty years Picasso PRO has developed seminal training and collaborative creation models in the realm of disability/Deaf performance and media arts. The Resource Hub will be distinct from their website, featuring video, audio, writings, curricula and photos.

The Hub digitally shares good examples of significant training workshops, non-traditional performance events, seasonal launches, social networking and media-based explorations and will capture online the arc of Picasso Pro's creative processes. The Resource Hub will preserve history, help the community retain its own voice and enable other practitioners to build on their experience. Contributions to this (HuB) project have been made by both local and international artists and companies.

Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada

Generator is working with SC-CC to coordinate and maintain a national website that includes annual memberships, annual national conference registration, product promotion and purchases, member profiles, as well as links to the many activities and initiatives conducted by SCCC members from coast to coast.

SC-CC functions as the national representative for those involved in maintaining and practising oral traditions in Canada.  SC-CC encourages the participation of all peoples, by recognizing storytelling as a common root of all cultures and by making strong, positive efforts towards regional and cultural inclusion.