Welcome to the Artist Producer Training Program, affectionately known as APT. Here you can read about our current cohort, see past curriculum, check out our graduates and maybe a little bit more.

APT Goals

We aim to train artists, producers, and artist/producers of independent theatre. Graduates will create and implement projects and budgets that have the goal of paying a better wage to artists, gain skills to sustain a career in the arts, and improve the overall health of the theatre ecology.

We asked our participants "What did you get from being part of the APT program?" Here's what they said.

Some of our graduates become ‘guns-for-hire’, working on a contract-by-contract basis on the one-off shows that drive independent performance, while others bring these new skills to creating and producing their own work. Everyone learns entrepreneurial and innovation-based strategies that seek to adequately compensate artists and producers.

Call for Submissions for the APT program go out once a year in the spring. Best way to stay in the loop is to join our mailing list

Curious about what our APs are learning?

2018/2019 APT COHORT

2017/2018 APT COHORT

APT Graduates